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GAGE, LLC, located in central Virginia, has been in business since 2011 and is a certified DBE with Virginia and Maryland Departments of Transportation.

We are a material supplier of the latest technology and highest quality products used in the water and wastewater industry with public works and public utility entities as customers throughout the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. We also work with select general and utility contractors that provide services in these areas.

Gage’s services are expert, professional and timely. Our products are of the highest quality and reliability, and come with GAGE’s responsive, knowledgeable support.

Repairing and maintaining existing resources is becoming an industry focus along with building new infrastructure, and GAGE is solidly positioned to serve both.


Mission • Vision • Values

Provide best-in-class services in the water and wastewater rehabilitation industry on the East Coast by offering superior customer service and high-quality products.
We are committed to being the best distributor of products used in the water and wastewater industry, pursuing excellence through dedicated and experienced customer service, with an ongoing purpose to deliver quality products.
Our core values include a strong work ethic, dedication to quality, mutual trust with suppliers and clients, and integrity in every business operation.