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Trenchless Point Repair

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The Pipe Patch System is a proven trenchless point repair system for the rehabilitation of sewer pipelines and storm drains and is a viable, cost-effective alternative to excavation.

  • Meets and exceeds ASTM F1216 for cured in place sectional repair
  • 50 year written warranty on Patch
  • 3 year shelf life on patch kit’s
  • Parent company (Fernco) has over 50 years in the Waterworks Industry
  • Proven No-Dig system that eliminates cut and cover repairs and expensive recovery cost
  • Repairs typically completed within 1.5-2 hours- start to finish
  • 100% woven fiberglass patch conforms to irregularly shaped older host pipe
  • Two part silicate resin hermetically sealed in a pouch
  • Patented resin delivery system (self contained, hermetically sealed and premeasured pouch) that does not require mixing part B to part A in a tub with a mechanical mixer
  • Resin pouch becomes the applicator when mixing is complete
  • Superior physical strengths, e.g., Tensile and flexural
  • No VOC’s or Styrene’s
  • Local distribution with experienced waterworks agents to provide technical support
  • Plant provides mixed pallet quantities and overnight shipping if necessary
  • Pipe Patch kit’s include everything needed to make repairs, e.g., patch, resin, sleeves, gloves, tape, trowels, work mat, etc
  • Shoe box packaging allows for vertical storage and less required warehouse space
  • 24/7 support hotline
  • User Friendly system with training achieved in one working day
  • Initial and remedial training at no cost
  • Network of municipalities that are clients using the Pipe Patch System for proactive and reactive repairs

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trenchless pipe example
Source One Environmental

Our Manufacturer

Our best-in-class supplier for trenchless point repair is Source One Environmental.


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