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Automatic Air Vac Release Valves

Air valves perform two important functions in a piping system: They maintain system design efficiency, and they provide system protection. For this reason high quality valves, and excellent support for them, are crucial to your system. These valves are for waste and potable water.

Model 986 Sewer Stainless Steel H-Tec Automatic Air/Vacuum Release Valves
Model 992 Direct Bury Potable Water Air/Vacuum Valve

This valve allows for underground installation without the necessity of building an external vault to hold the valve.

See Model 992 Spec Sheet »

Model 992 Direct Bury Potable Water Air/Vacuum Valve, with Flood Protection Option

This flood protection option is mandatory by Virginia Health department, which allows the valve to function submerged during rain/flood events without cross contamination.

H-TEC 992 flood protection

See Model 992, flood protection option Spec Sheet »


Our Manufacturer

Our best-in-class supplier for air vac release valves is H-Tec.

Our Clients

Frederick Water, VA
Stafford County, VA
Anne Arundel County, MD

The H-tech water and wastewater air release valves that we purchased from Gage, LLC have been installed at various locations in our water and sewer system for about six years now. We have had issues with other types of valves in the past but yearly inspections have not shown any issues with these, and we have since added the valves to our water and sewer standards and specifications.

We are satisfied with the quality of the product and look forward to seeing any new products from H-Tech.

Ralph J. Rinker

Manager, Frederick County Sanitation Authority