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Wet Well Wizard

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The Wet Well Wizard is a one-size-fits-all wet well aeration system with no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, easy to install, requires no lifting changes and uses no electricity under water. The wet well wizard consists of a unique set of antipodal bubble cleaving disks inside a confined tube that cuts and shapes large air bubbles into high speed, spinning “FOG cutters.”

  • Dissolves FOG within hours
  • Eliminates odor completely
  • Eliminates the septicity of H2S in the wet well and downstream
  • Transforms the microbial population in the wet well to a completely aerobic population
  • Improves the water quality of the collection system to the point of pre-processing the water, which can improve wastewater plant operations.
trenchless pipe example
Reliant Water Technologies

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Our best-in-class supplier for Wet Well Wizard is Reliant Water Technologies.


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